• Social media impact on travel industry

    Today I  was at the first non-formal meeting of bloggers in Bucharest, called  The Social Media Summit. And so full of ideas as I went to the meeting, I realised going back home that I had in mind  the other’s concept about social media.


    Trying to make a connection between what is happening today in global marketing and the efforts supported by the operators in the tourism industry, I found a great article that gave me the right answer: The Economist write  down an article  about a new online  strategy of the Dutch airline company KLM.

    Being for the moment in the research stage, the application will allow passengers to choose their fellow traveler, by viewing his profile on Facebook and LinkedIn, the  access to the application being permitted only after the final flight reservation.
    Analyzing this news we can surprise the positives and negatives parts. The good news is that you can meet people with same interests as ours, and the chance to have the same hotel accommodation increases. In addition traveling alone is not always the best option, and a good chat can make time goes faster. On the other side we often want only to sit alone on that chair, we simply choose to read that  book we had not achieve to finish  while we were setting on ground or we get a nap till the final destination.
    The success of this application may not be predictable, but the human reaction to new is always different.

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