• Is renewable a part of energy’s future?


    1. I.                   Introduction

    In my point of view the renewable is an important part of the energy’s future.From centuries  our energy production  have been depending by  the fossil fuels.Day by day  our need for energy is increasing, and the economic development will depend in the welcoming future by the alternatives sources of energy.


    1. II.                Hypothesis

    The renewable resources represent the future of energy market because this will contribute to the durability of the economic development.

    1. III.             Argumentation

    Energy resources are dividing in two categories: renewable and non-renewable.We all knew that coal, oil and gaz  will not  be more the main energy resources, because these can regenerateonly  after millions of years.The Geologists, after many years of study and research had discovered that the earliest known fossil fuels had formed in the Cambrian, more exactly about 500 million years ago, before the age of dinosaurs.The later fossil fuels, which provide a weak fuels, like lignite coal(soft coal), began formatting as late as five million years ago in the Pliocen Period.At the actual rate of consumption, these reserves of fuels will be emptied.But no one can tell certainly, when we will not have these anymore.Some scientists say that will take 50 years, and others say that will pass 100 or 120 years.I think that the scientist had not calculated the fact that the rate of consumption in increasing daily, and the people are used eith the old system of energy.

    Although there are some voices who say that the fossil resources are not limited that after some years another oil reserves will appear, I’m agree with this ideea only half.Because, the fossil resources from our days had formed hundred million years ago, from plants and animals buried after years in the deep soil.

    Even if, in the last decades, the humanity has increased the use of the alternative energy sources, named renewable energy, these provide only a small procent of the global energy needs.

    The nuclear energy, which is generated by spiltting atoms, is not a safe energy resource.In my point of view nuclear energy musn’t be a major source of the global consumption, and the nucler accidents that occurred in the recent years. It provides 6% of the world energy need, and a lort of countries have dropped out of the nuclear energy industry, for example Germany in Europe.Using fossil fuels we destroy ecosistems, while the oil anh gas drilling, coal minind, and all these which are burned to obtained energy.The fossil fuels industry is causing impredictible damage to our environment.Fossil fuels have a long existence on the industrial market, and had provide usefull service for the economic development.But the most dilemmatic issue is the fact that the use of these have side effects, causing a lot of problems.Burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide, and the effect of greenhouse has contribute to the global warming.It is important to know that the scientist has discovered that the combustion of these fossils fuels is the main contributing factor to the release of the greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.By the 20 th century, the average temperature of Earth, has increased with one degree Fahrenheit, because in this period of time, all Earth population had been growing and the industrial development peaked.The global warming has a big impact on the environment, and affects the parameters set by “mother nature”. The global warming  have an important impact on different global areas.For example, in the cold areas, like Arctic and Antarctica, the greenhouse effect is causing the ice melting, which goes one the increase of the sea level; most important is the fact that the melting glaciers will lead to the change of the composition of the sea water.Non only theocean life will have to suffer, but also the agriculture, fishing, and human settlement.A direct result of the use of the fossil fuels, is the air pollution, which is resulting in the smog effect and the environment degradation. Today, many companies with an past on the fossil fuels industry are working on providing renewable energy.Foe example, in Europe, British Petroleum Company, known as BP, have become one of the most important provider of solar energy; the division of this company, name BP Solar Division, have in plan to minimize the oil industry and to emphasize the solar energy.

    The Earth has very important renewable resources, as solar activity, the wind, the hidro-power, the biomass.These have an important role in the sustainable development of the human environment, because are non-polluting, renewable and efficient on long-term.Green energy is the solution to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, and to have cheap and efficient energy. In fact we will have energy forever, because the sun, the wind and the water will nor even dissapear.

    Solar energy is consider to be one of the highest development green energy in the next years.The reason is that homes can be fitted with solar panels.Foe example in SUA and in the West Europe a lot oh hauses use in the summer time the suppling by using the solar grids.In Romania, the Ministry of the Environment offers grants to those who want to use solar grids for their homes.Most of it the sun is considered the ultimate source of energy.Because when the sun will disppair, no life will be.The whole life on the Earth is depending by the sun activity.A very important fact is that the sun provides a lot of energy, just enough to be stored after the sun sets, even in the clouds period.But the thought that the sun energy will be to main supplier of the word’s need is just a dream, because the costs will not leade to efficiency.

    Dams are the tools for the hydroelectric energy; these are collecting the energy provided by the water currents of the rivers, contributing with an increasing percentage at the supply of energy.It is true that dams are creating environmental hazards, but the research in this field isn’t stopping, and will be invented new ways to store water.

          Modern windmills has become in the last decades an efficeient green energy, with large costs on short-time, but profitable on long-term.

    Even if the nowadays tehnology is preparaid for green energy, it is to expensive on short-terme to replace the current energy infrastructure used for fossil fuel energy.Statistics says that, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, solar power will provide energy for more than one billion people by the year of 2020, and 26% percent  of global energy needs by the year 2040.

    Wind and hydroelectric power, which have been used effectively for generations, are          also rapidly growing energy markets. The principle behind both is that the force of the wind and water currents are passed through turbines which convert their energy into electricity. Commercial wind energy is usually collected by wind “farms” essentially consisting of hundreds of wind turbines (windmills) spread over large plots of land.

    But hydroelectric power is harnessed in several different methods. The most popular is through dams, such as the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Another form of hydroelectric energy is tidal power. In use since the early 1900s, tidal power stations collect the energy created by the rise and fall of the tides to convert to electricity.

         About of geothermal energy, there are plenty of reasons to be cautious about the potential of geothermal energy. Compared with solar and wind, the cost of commercializing geothermal is high. In most cases, expensive wells must be drilled deep into the ground to capture the energy released from the Earth’s crust.Private investment is up, domestic use is steadily growing, and soaring energy prices have made previously prohibitive start-up costs economical.

     Biomass energy, or energy from burning plants and other organic matter, is one of man’s earliest sources of energy. Wood was once the main source of power for heat, and it still is in many developing countries. Most people in developed countries use wood only for aesthetic purposes or secondary heating, limited mainly to fireplaces and decorative woodstoves. Roughly one to two billion people in the developing nations still use wood as their primary source of heat. It is this group that is seen being among the first to convert to solar heating and energy because there is no other existing infrastructure to hinder its development. 

    1. IV.             Results

    Even if nowadays are existing the right tehnologies for the use of the alternative energy sources, the fossil fuels, along with the nuclear energy(a non-renewable energy source) are supplying 93% of the global energy need.Will take enough time and a lot of research will be done till the green energy will be the main supplier.Is this too expensive to make such a big step.Some questions are pressing us: Will we continue to rely on fossil fuels – are the OPEC nations being honest about their oil reserves? Is renewable energy really a viable solution to sustain our current level of energy demand? Will we have to resort to nuclear power, or is there another option?

    1. V.                Conclusion

    In conclusion the world energy consumption will increase with 50%, and the renewable energy resources will play an important role in the energy market.The mix of energy will be the major player in the development of the green economics.

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  • The Turkish Hungarian says:Reply
    September 2, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Well done! It seems that renewables are quite promising. Looking forward to your further research! I bet I won’t be disappointed :))